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    襯膠、襯鱗片、襯里防腐工程、橡膠膨脹節、橡膠軟管、橡膠模壓制品的專業廠家       靖江王子橡膠有限公司



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    工提供廣闊的發展空間,使員工都能發揮出最 大的潛能,實現員工與企業的共同發展。


    Giving full play to the talents and pursuing common development

    Giving full play to the talents, and making full use of their abilities

    OHJI has always upheld the principle of operating with putting people first, uniting people with the promising development future and motivating people with the great career goal. With working out a scientifically effective talent system and creating a positive environment for talent growth, we are devoted ourselves to providing every employee a stage where they can give full play to their ability 
    and wisdom. Meanwhile we have made great efforts to create opportunity for personal evelopment, so that talents of different types have the opportunity and platform to achieve success and realize their own values.

    As far as employees are concerned, OHJI has always shown respect their talents, creativity, performance, ability and potential, not only their academic achievement and diploma. With creating a sound competition system and good cultural environment, we will fully motivate every employee in terms of their positivity, initiative and creativity, so that they will love their jobs and do their utmost. In this way, every employee is suitable for the job, and vice versa, and full play is given to every talent, and full use is made of their abilities.

    Pursuing Common Development and Sharing The Success

    Without efforts of employees, the success of any company is impossible, and without the success of the company, that of any employee is impossible. Therefore, the outlook on talents that employees and the company grow together and enjoy common development is what OHJI has always insisted on. Employees are encouraged to combine their self-development with the long-term planning of our 
    company which provides them different growth approaches and development models. Serving as the platform for employees’ development, promotion and self-realization,OHJI works hard to create a sound opportunity for their growth, provide great space for their development, so that their potential can be given full play and that the common development of employees and YG can be achieved. 

    OHJI has also upheld the ideas that everyone is equal and that we love talents. Only their jobs and duties are different without any status difference. We respect every employee’s character and pursuit, encourage their self-improvement and appreciate their achievements. Additionally, we believe that development is by the employee, for the employee, and its fruits should be shared by the employee.
     In this way, the benefits of OHJI and employees can be ensured, and the unity and cooperation between be advocated, and development fruits can created and shared between. Finally we will achieve the common development of OHJI and employees and share the success.